Become a Candidate - Run for the NPDQ

Dear NPDQ Friends,

As you know we will be running candidates in the Quebec election on Oct. 1 2018. The NPDQ needs you to consider becoming  a candidate or encouraging and supporting someone you know and admire to become an NPDQ candidate. We don’t need vedettes but we do need committed individuals who are ready to work hard, who want to represent their communities and who embrace the values and goals of the NPDQ. If you decide to run the party will help you and provide training. In particular we encourage women and members of ethnic and cultural minorities to consider being candidates.

Please write to to receive your Candidate Documentation Package. All you need to do is download it, complete it and return it. To run you will need to recruit members to the party and solicit donations (maximum $200 per elector) to the party. The easiest way to do both is to use the party’s website, We can also authorize you to solicit funds and provide you with booklets to sign up members and collect donations. Any donations you solicit will be used for your campaign and the NPDQ campaign in your region. NPDQ members may support the candidacy of one more candidates in their region.

If you are considering running please send an email to letting us know who you are, how to contact you and in which riding you are considering running. This is just to give us an idea who is thinking about being a candidate. The formal application to be a candidate is made by completing and submitting the trousse de candidature.

Feel free to ask us questions and to ask questions of the the executive of your local regional association.

In Solidarity

The Comite de Planification Electorale NPDQ,

Peter Deslauriers
Francois Gregoire
Evelyne Henry
Henri Pilon