Boukare Tall


Dear Fellow Citizens of La Prairie

Dear Voters

Dear Friends

My name is Boukare Tall and I have worked as a municipal engineer for
the City of Montreal for a decade. I live with my partner and our
14-year-old daughter. I come from a family with a history of political
involvement and in my youth, I was always surrounded by people devoted
to community service.

Beginning in high school, I became involved in student life in order to
better serve the the lives of others and this carried on into university
where I was elected to the executive committee of FEUS (_fédération
des étudiants de l’université de Sherbrooke_). In the same year, I
sat as an administrator of the _Fondation Force_ _(financement organisé
pour et par la communauté étudiante)_ which is a foundation that comes
to the assistance of students in need of bursaries, food, work study
programs and personal budgetary counselling, a program which I helped me
after my arrival to Canada.

After my management studies, I quickly discovered it was difficult to
find work so I returned to college and finished a technical program in
public works. My first job in my field was in Alberta. I lived in
Edmonton-Strathcona where I met Jack Layton for the first time as a
participant in electing Linda Duncan in 2015, the only NDP MP from

I also held the positions of delegate and union director of the Montreal
municipal civil servants and I am presently finishing a bachelor`s
degree in civil engineering at the École de technologie supérieur

Being leftist and federalist, I came back to Quebec in 2008 and while
participating in the campaign in Drummond, I recall asking this question
to Jack and Thomas Mulcair who were passing through Drummond’ “Why
don’t we have a provincial NDP in Quebec?”

This is why I am proud to be a candidate to be the next MNA from La
Prairie, a leftist federalist and equitable party, a party in which
everyone counts, not just the rich, a social democratic party, a green
economy and transport party, a party that sees immigration as a valuable
resource and not as a problem.

I have met some of you over the past weeks and you will see me again at
your side in the days to come.

I will listen to your concerns and you will not find a more motivated
and dedicated representative. Given my career and life experience, by
electing me you will have an optimistic and tenacious MNA by your side.


Boukare Tall

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