Conrad William Thompson

Candidate in Mercier


Conrad William Thompson


Bilingual, French and English

Date of birth : March 5, 1972

Son Keith Thompson, 6 years old

Moved to Montreal in 2002 and presently live in the Mercier riding 

Born Thompson, Manitoba.

Father: Keith Thompson, retired RCMP superintendent 
Mother: Florence Thompson, retired owner of interior design company 


Masters in Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Commerce

Mid 2017, after more than 10 years in the field of finance, I decided to change tack and once again concentrate my efforts on pursuing research in political economy.  As a result, during the last year I have been working on a book that examines the nature of money and it’s role in society — essentially devoting myself once again to studies first set in motion when I was doing my Masters in Environmental Studies.

Why get involved with the NDPQ?
To me, it is clear that society is now in the midst of a profound transformation, the magnitude of which to my eyes is not unlike the changes experienced during the first and second world wars.  The entire structure of what our society will look like in 30 years is now fundamentally in play and up for grabs.
Still, the general impression around me is that most politicians don’t seem to have much noticed what is at stake — and for those that probably do, I can’t say I like the path they seem to be taking.  Everyone feels something has changed, but a real urgency on the part of our politicians to address things at their root seems to be lacking.  My primary concerns are democracy, the environment, equity and the economy, but instead our society seems to be on a path that has squarely in its sight increases in inequality, erosions of democracy, economic backwardness, and possible ecological disaster.
Being involved is not really a choice for me.  The NDPQ fills a gap that was missing in Quebec politics that needs to be filled and the NDPQ is the only truly progressive non-separatist option to vote for.  The Liberals and the PQ in Quebec have had better days and now offer little in the way of a new vision for society but instead just seem mostly exhausted - or worse, appear to be concerned simply with bettering the place of their respective lobby groups.  The days of Rene Levesque or Jean Lesage, when the voice of the people really seemed to speak, appear long gone.
I am running in order to help fill this existing political vacuum and give Quebecers a new choice that is different from the reactionary path taken by the CAQ or the apparent newfound goal of Quebec Solidarity to become the new old PQ.

What do I offer?
My background is in political economy, specifically focused on how to chart a new path forward that is both good for the environment and the economy.  I have worked in finance to help new enterprises grow and develop.  I have studied environmental issues in depth and have developed new ideas to put forward.  I have been involved in various movements for change, and have an idea of what it takes in order to achieve objectives successfully.

What are some of my achievements?

  • -Aiming to publish in the near term a book on focused on the role of money, more specifically to help solve the question of what really determines the value of money.
  • - Worked in the world of finance for 10+ years.
  • -Helped grow various new enterprises looking to develop themselves.
  • -Elected President and Director of Finance of my student unions during my graduate and undergraduate degrees respectively.
  • -Took on a leading role in fighting for affordable education as part of the student movement that won temporary freezes of tuition fees.
  • -Actively involved in campaigns to protect threatened old growth forest areas such as Clayoquot Sound and the Walbran.
  • -Longstanding activist and campaigner for the NDP. 
  • -Strong supporter of workers rights to unionize and believer in the need for a newly revitalized union movement.
  • -Worked on and off for CBC Radio for a few years and also for an environmental organization on another occasion.
  • -Engaged with the arts world in Montreal by helping to establish Ballet Montreal, an up and coming top notch performing arts school.
  • -Established and ran an English language school in Taiwan over the course of a couple of years.
  • -Established and ran a gardening company during my undergraduate years.
  • -Undergraduate Degree in International Business.
  • -Masters degree in Environmental Studies.

Going Forward 
My focus would be squarely on renewing our economy to make it more sustainable,  equitable, and dynamic, all while protecting the  most vulnerable.  By running for the NDPQ in Mercier, a riding that I have lived in for many years, I hope to help contribute to the winning of a new consensus of the citizens and workers of Quebec to move soundly in this direction.