David-Roger Gagnon

Coming from an East-coast family, David-Roger is proud of his Québécois, Acadien and Indigenous roots.  He completed his studies in music, in theology and in community development.  David-Roger lives in Montréal since 2004, when he accepted a position at the General Council (national level) of the United Church of Canada as an Animation and Community Development Officer.  David-Roger was responsible for creating a francophone community development network across Canada.  Prior to that, David-Roger served as National Coordinator of the Canadian Healing Circle.  This coalition of 7 organizations represented several populations of people abused by the Church and the State.  In this context, they convinced the government to adjust its plan and increase the number of methods by which victims might share their testimonies for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

David-Roger has also worked in public education in Eastern Ontario and here in Greater Montréal as a Spiritual & Community Engagement Animator.  In his work in schools, David-Roger saw, from the front lines, the need to amply subsidize our public education system.  He continues to campaign to increase the number of professionels in schools, especially in the areas of prevention and promotion, “living together”, and the promotion of diversity.  He also saw up close the consequences of Bill 10 and the reforms to the Health System in his work as Agent Pivot for the “Health Schools” programme.  He has also been a chaplain for Saint Louis University, and in palliative care at Élisabeth-Bruyère Hospital. 

Throughout his professional career, the main thread for David-Roger is community development.  David-Roger has campaigned in the Social-Democratic movement for 30 years, having served as NDP Candidate twice at the Provincial and three times at the Federal level, as well as serving as candidate for Projet Montréal.  He has a fundamental committment for social justice, and commits to building a society that is just, equitable, ecological and diverse.  

David-Roger is a published composer, author and photographer, and his works are found in diverse publications.  He is also co-author of “Preventing and Reducing Violence and Bullying in Schools” in collaboration with la Fondation Jasmin-Roy and Agence Ometz.  Having been, he himself, the target of bullying in school, David-Roger continues his work in the fight against bullying in our schools and our society.  Openly gay, David-Roger also campaigns for the rights of GLBTQ2S+ people, and the promotion of diversity in our society as a source of cultural richness.  David-Roger continues to promote the process of reconciliation and healing, always in the hope of an evolution towards Right Relationships with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. 

David-Roger is delighted to be the NPD-Québec candidate in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.  He is eager to speak with you about his vision on doing politics “differently”, which is to say, with vision, in a positive and inclusive way, rooted in social justice and a respect for the Earth. 


E-mail :  davidroger.gagnon@lenpdq.org

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/davidroger.gagnon.52