Etienne Madelein



I have lived in Quebec all my life and in Soulanges since I was 3 years old. During my years living here, I have seen with my own eyes the problems that need to be resolved.

Born to an English immigrant mother and a French-speaking Quebec father, I attended an English elementary school followed by a French high school and am currently a student at John Abbott College. Distressed by the historic floods of last spring, I see during my daily commute a reminder of the inadequate response of a bureaucracy that forgets the individual: even more than a year later, the permits and payments of the victims are still in limbo.

As a minimum wage worker, I see the difficulty of moving forward and protecting workers’ rights. The level of unionization is at a historic low today; and the minimum wage is not keeping pace in relation to worker productivity. When it comes to commuting from the suburbs to downtown, the state of our public transport leaves much to be desired. Public transit in suburban municipalities is non-existent, while inter-municipal buses run infrequently during the week and take twice as long as traveling by car. In Hudson, the train only runs twice a day, and the Rigaud stop has been totally eliminated. Meanwhile, the roadways continue to deteriorate year after year. It is high time to improve this network. Having attended a public elementary school and had the chance to go to a private high school, I experienced the striking contrast between these two environments. Instead of funding schools that are already the most affluent, I think public sector students deserve better.

Having had a loved one who has spent several years in the health system, and having used it myself, I am aware of its many problems: waiting times, coverage, costs and quality. These issues stem mainly from a lack of political will - we have the resources and the means to do much better.

You may be thinking that experience is not my strong point. If it were the only qualification, needless to say, I would not measure up. But what good is the experienced candidate who does not work for us? Or who prioritizes party over cause? I have entered this race because I really think I can better represent the Soulangesois in Quebec City. As a candidate, as an MNA, as an active and passionate citizen, regardless of the results of this election, I will continue to work for all these ideas that are close to my heart.

I embark on this campaign with the intention of winning and bringing our ideas to the National Assembly. As a province, it is high time we move forward, and I invite you to join us in achieving this goal.

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