Karim Mahmoodi

Born on September 9, 1964 in Shiraz, Iran, Karim Mahmoodi was unlike other children, thoughtful and a keen observer, he analyzed his environment. He lost his father at the age of six. His mother had to face great adversity with eight children ranging from four to twenty years of age. This difficult period helped Karim develop a great force of character.

During his teenage years, he witnessed a religious revolution and a change of regime in Iran. He saw a mutation of politics worldwide and in his country. He observed that people in general, when confronted to political and religious ideology, could behave unpredictably and illogically. This prompted him to promise himself to stay away from politics and religion.  A few years after the revolution, when he was seventeen years old, the Iraq-Iran war started. This convinced him that he would be unable to remain with his family in his homeland.

In August 1983, he arrived in Montreal, Quebec, after six months of travel and uncertainty.  He sought and was granted political asylum. With no family, no money and unable to communicate in either official languages, he had to adjust, analyze and adapt to the norms of his new home. He learned the languages, returned to school, attended university and got a bachelor’s degree in Administration.

His work experience as a management consultant, plant manager and logistic specialist led him to become a self-employed, business owner for the past eighteen years in the world of information technology.

Now, Karim is at a point in his life when he wishes to serve his community by sharing the knowledge, experience and wisdom gathered through the years. He is a thoughtful, respectful and trustworthy man, with a heart full of gratitude and love of life.

Contact : karim.mahmoodi@lenpdq.org