Leigh Smit

Leigh Smit was born in Toronto but has proudly called Montréal home since the age of six. She grew up on the West Island but now lives in NDG.

Following her studies at Dawson College in Modern Languages, Leigh struggled to find her place in the world of work. As a child she was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) which meant that she had to struggle to succeed academically and in the work place. Fortunately, through her hard work and with the help of coaching, she has come to be better able to focus her intelligence and energy. Inspired by a strong belief in serving the community, she has in recent years been developing learning tools for those, like herself, who are living with ADHD and learning disabilities. She is currently working with autistic children at the Giant Steps School with the goal of infusing and enriching their lives with a love of learning. She does this with an inclusive approach to education and an emphasis on fun tools to facilitate learning.

Leigh decided to run for the NPDQ because of the importance the party places on strong support and financing for public health care and education. Her own experience makes her very aware of the deficiencies of both systems in Quebec with regard to services for those suffering from ADHD. She is also a keen environmentalist and animal rights advocate whose friends have nicknamed her “bunny” because of her passion. The party’s strong environmental stance is another reason Leigh decided to be an NPDQ candidate.

Leigh believes the residents of the D’Arcy McGee riding share her concerns about the deficiencies of the health and education systems for seniors and children. The shocking neglect of these areas is exemplified by long waiting lists for many essential medical procedures and the million Quebecers without a family doctor. The deterioration of vital public services concurrent with the Liberal government boasting of a $2 billion surplus demonstrates clearly the need to replace this tired government with MNA’s who truly believe in the public’s well-being and who aren’t afraid to say “Bonjour-Hello”.

Contact : leigh.smit@lenpdq.org