Marc André Audet

    Candidate in Laporte   



I’m a father to two amazing boys and step-father to two fantastic little girls.  I grew up in Greenfield Park and St-lambert and spend the first 25 years of my life here.  We moved back this summer and I’m excited to watch our kids discover the neighbourhoods of my youth.


I’ve always been active in the community, be it in sports as a player, coach or organizer, or in community services such as the SPCA Montérégie.  I was on the Governing Board at my son’sschool, and participated in several Parents’ Committees at the Pearson School Board and with the Fédération des comités de parents du Québec.  This involvement allowed me to see firsthand the challenges facing our public schools and the need to review how we support and finance oureducation system in Quebec, at all levels of schooling, to ensure free access to everyone to the best educational opportunities possible in a fully public system.


I’ve been involved in politics since my youth, but like many of you I’ve become jaded by the old political parties.  They’ve been forcing us all into a divisive debate on the question of sovereignty for decades.  For far too long, too many Quebecers have ended voting against one party or the other.


What if, this time, we could vote FOR something we believe in?


I chose the NPDQ because of its values of social and economic democracy, equality, inclusion and solidarity.


We reject the idea that society has to choose between protecting the environment and growing the economy.  We will develop the green, democratic industries that create new opportunities and stable, well-paying jobs.


Education is the foundation of our society, of inclusion and the development of economic democracy. The goal of our education system is also, and primarily, to provide the opportunities for each person to reach their full potential, as much as an individual and as a member of society. This is true not only for the Doctorate student completing her thesis, but also for the young adultlearning a trade or the student who faces learning challenges.


We will improve our public health care system. Free access to health care is a fundamental right and our government has a responsibility to ensure that this right is respected for every Quebecer.


Our current social support system is outdated and is not adapted to today’s economic realities. It is stigmatizing, inflexible, dissuasive in a precarious labour market, and is inefficient.  A guaranteed basic income is a simple and clear way to ensure everyone can enjoy a decent quality of life, is flexible, does not stigmatize the recipient and costs less to administer.


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I’m proud to represent the New Democratic Party of Quebec in the riding of Laporte.


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