Nashaat El Sayed


Nashaat Elsayed is born in Egypt, 1964. He has a Bachelor’s in commerce and Economics that he earned in 1986, he later found interests in education, so he went on studying Education and got his bachelor in 1988 from the University of Tanta, Egypt.

For his interest in social-education and collective work, he was elected president of the Union of Students in the Faculty of Commerce of his University.

His passion for computers and accounting encouraged him to get into a new field of computer programming.

At the beginning of his professional career, he was a professor in the field of accounting and financial management in Libya.


He appreciated learning about new cultures and with the opportunity to work in the programming field, he departed to work as a computer programmer and supervisor of data entry in the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq for two years and received a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Electricity, in recognition of what he accomplished during this limited time period.

He then moved to work in Saudi Arabia as a computer and accounting manager for two years.

When he emigrated to Canada in the 1990s he studied computerized accounting and worked as a branch manager for Becker's-ONT. During this time, he got married in Montreal and had three children.

Looking for a better opportunity, he founded Construction in Calgary where he worked as a contractor. Upon his return to Montreal, he wanted to challenge himself one more time and founded a limousine company in Montreal that has been operating since 2009.


He aspires to be the representative of Marguerite-Bourgeoys. With many promises towards the community of LaSalle. His actions will speak louder than his words.

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من مواليد جمهورية مصر العربية 1964

حاصل على بكالوريوس التجارة والأقتصاد 1984 وبكالوريوس التربية 1988

مع بداية الاهتمام بالكمبيوتر في مجال المحاسبة، درس برمجة كمبيوتر عام 1989.

وفي مجال الاهتمام بالعمل الاجتماعي والجماعي انتخب مسؤول للًجنة الفنية في اتحاد طلاب كلية التجارة بالجامعة.

في بداية عمله المهني كان في مجال التدريس: مدرس محاسبة وإدارة مالية في ليبيا.

مع توفر فرصة العمل في مجال الكمبيوتر، انتقل إلى العمل كمبرمج كمبيوتر ومشرف إدخال بيانات في وزارة الكهرباء بالعراق لمدة عامين, وحصل على شهادة تقدير من وزير الكهرباء, تقديراَ لما أنجزه خلال هذه المدة المحدودة.

انتقل الى العمل في السعودية مدير قسم كمبيوتر ومحاسبة لمدة عامين.

عند هجرته الى كندا في التسعينيات درس computerized accounting

عمل مدير فرع لأحد محلات شركة Becker’s - ONT

مع وجود خبرة في مجال البناء والبحث عن فرصة أفضل أسس شركة construction in Calgary

عمل متعهد بناء لمدة عامين. وعند العودة الى مونتريال أسس شركة ليموزين في مونتريال منذ 2009 حتى الأن.

متزوج ومقيم في مونتريال ولدية ثلاث أبناء يطمح أن يكون ممثل منطقة Marguerite-Bourgeoys في الجمعية الوطنية.