Rebecca Anne Clark

Rebecca Anne Clark, a daughter of Niagara, is also a true Francophile and has been enamoured with Québec and Québécois culture since primary school. One of her first political acts was standing in support of the Non campaign on the eve of the referendum in 1995. When Clark moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University she was further thrust into a deeper exploration of her political values. By the time Clark moved to Montréal after completing her undergraduate degree, her passion for social justice and civil liberties, as well as activism and advocacy was established. In 2013, she advanced the discussion of female toplessness rights in Montréal. She has volunteered her time with various organizations to help support individuals from underprivileged and at-risk communities. Thanks to her involvement with after school programs in the community, she has had the privilege of working with the children of both indigenous and immigrant families from minority ethnocultural and linguistic communities. A writer, translator, and editor by trade, Clark has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations, notably the bilingual fine arts magazine La Scena Musicale. Clark is fighting to bridge the income gap and eliminate poverty while encouraging social equity and environmental sustainability during late-stage capitalism. Currently a full-time student at Concordia’s department of Geography, Planning, and Environment, she is dedicated to lifelong leaning. She can usually be found in Montréal’s libraries, parks, community centres, and concert halls, indulging her love of culture and of nature.

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