Candidates for Executive Committee

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Delegates at the NPDQ Congress 2019 will elect a new Executive Committee for the Party on February 16, 2019. The list of candidates can be found on this page, along with their statements. Some statements are only available in French. For any questions, please contact


R.K. Basdeo

We must save our money for the next campaign and for an office downtown with good visibility. We are a small and fledgling party, so we must not pay a narcissistic leader, any salary, not to mention an exorbitant salary, as well as twelve thousand dollars for a chauffeur. It's completely crazy. Who is he Brian Mulroney?

Mona Belleau

I wish to nominate myself as President. I am seeking this position because I believe that this position would allow the party to continue to progress by helping to consolidate its achievements. Having previously held this position on various Boards of directors and associations, I have the experience and skills to fill this position. I have proven that I have the qualities of a positive leader who can lead a group of people to a common cause. I am a bisexual Inuk woman and I am committed to creating an inclusive Executive Committee, where everyone feels welcome in their strengths and talents and where everyone can contribute to the advancement of our beautiful party. I firmly believe that our party, while still young, has a lot of potential for advancement and that we can continue to rally people to our pragmatic leftist ideologies. I was a candidate in the most recent election campaign and I truly believe this. If I can contribute to the success of the NPDQ in any way, I will, because I have our party tattooed on my heart. Qujannamiik!

Jonathan Leduc

I am running for the president of the executive position following the current crisis in the party. I am someone with a strong leadership, that is ready to roll up my sleeves to bring everyone together to collaborate and help our party grow. It is of the utmost importance to have someone impartial at the head of our executive committee and I strongly believe I am that person. This election is the most important one in our party’s young existence and I do believe, as someone new, that I am the best positioned to change things.

Steven Scott

I am dismayed at the factionalism, personal attacks, and strife leading to talented people quitting, and the reports of backroom dealings, monthly financial statements not being made, and the decisions of the executive being ignored. This all simply has to stop. We need to remember what we have built in such a short period of time and that all the executive members are legitimate and that they all have the best interests of the party at heart. We each need to accept that not everyone will agree with us, and move on. I am a person who is impartial, respectful of one and all, and extremely organised. We need to stay focused on how to be ready for the next election. There is lots of work to do and no time for shenanigans. We must prepare strategy, policy, and materials, attract member-donors, and create media presence. Our decision-making process needs to be more participatory, transparent, inclusive, and consensus building: all our voices need to be at the table. Experience: manager of the door to door operation for an environmental organisation, member of a parish council, financial officer for a riding association, president of an LGBQT organisation, and professor at Concordia. .

Vice President

André junior Martel

Personnel : Papa d’une petite fille de 5 ans, marié depuis plus de 4 ans. Loyauté, collaboration, persévérance et respect sont les qualités qui me représentent. Professionnel : Prendre soins des gens a toujours été une priorité pour moi. J’ai pu le mettre en œuvre dans les différents emplois que j’ai occupé au cours de ma carrière. Maintenant gestionnaire, j’ai par le passé été infirmier et également préposés aux bénéficiaires. Je me suis également impliqué comme membre au comité jeunesse de l’ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec et comme délégué syndical. Politique : Mes débuts en politique se sont faits en 2017 alors que j’ai été candidat en tant que conseiller au sein du Parti Action Longueuil. Je suis également membre de l’exécutif du Parti de la mairesse de Longueuil. Ces expériences enrichissantes m’ont permis, et me permettent toujours, d’en apprendre sur les rouages de la politique. Conclusion : Je suis persuadé que mon expérience dans son ensemble fait de moi un atout pour le NPDQ. C’est pourquoi je me présente aujourd’hui au poste de vice-président du comité exécutif.

Djaouida Sellah

My name is Djaouida Sellah, candidate for Vice-President of the NPDQ. I'm a doctor by training, with experience as a volunteer doctor during the Gulf War in Baghdad, as as a founding member and president of the Quebec Association for Foreign-Trained Doctors from 1998 to 2011. I was also a volunteer doctor for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and a volunteer at Justice alternative nonprofit association. More recently, I sat as a Member of Parliament during Canada's 43rd legislature. I was chair of the NDP's Women's Caucus, Official Opposition Associate Critic for Health issues, Member of the House of Common's Committee on Status of Women, and co-chair of the NDP Quebec Section's Women's Commission (2006 to 2011). As a founding member of the NPDQ, my goal is to continue my involvement with the Party to build a strong future. Specifically, I want to participate in creating the NPDQ's Strategic Plan, to improve the autonomy and expertise of the party in preparation of the next election campaign, and I want to put my political and campaign experience to the party's service.


Henry Pilon

As secretary, full-transparency would be my number 1 objective.

My plan would be to not only organize all party-related paper work, but to note down accurate minutes during executive meetings with the help of audio recorded dialogue. By having discussions written and audio recorded and then stored on a private server, not only would it help future executives maintain accurate records, but they could read, listen and cite past decisions knowing they are fully transparent.

But as secretary, my job is not only to keep accurate records for the party, it is also to vote on crucial, key decisions with the entire executive. With this said, my second objective would be to make sure that the party is always going in the right direction while avoiding all useless squabbles and making sure to stop any over reach of power. This party is your party, the money we receive is your money. As an executive member, I have a fiduciary duty to all party members and an obligation to respect our statutes; this I take very seriously.

I hope to have your vote in the upcoming congress for the position of secretary. If I am elected, any questions or concerns you may have, I will be there to help.

Ida Scallen

Je désire posé ma candidature pour le poste de secrétaire je crois que je serais un bon atout pour votre organisation

Michel Welt

Dear NDPQ friends

I would like to submit my candidacy to NDPQ executive comittee as secretary ( or secretary- finance officer if this position remains.)
I live in the Darcy-Mc Gee riding.
I am a physician, obstetrician-gynecologist , and I work at Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal. I work also with Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale de Saint Laurent et Médecins Du Monde. For many years, I am fighting for equal access for all to health care and for women's and families rights.
I am active in the NDPQ since the beginning in 2016,being part of the regional executive of Montreal Centre-West Association and candidate in Acadie riding., during the last election.
It is even more necessary now to provide a voice for left-wing federalists in Quebec.The NDPQ must continue to adress at the same time ecological transition and social justice.
I have a long experience as secretary or secretary and finance officer in several professionnal and community associations.It is necessary to bring stability to this important position in a developing organisation.
We will have to perform important duties during the the next few months : design policies and analysis on ongoing and emerging topics, initiate independant political actions and take


Malek-Michel Jamali

Je n'ai pas de déclaration à faire

Boukare Tall

Bonjour Je m'appelle Boukare Tall et je travaille à la ville de Montreal depuis plus de 10ans. Avant cela je gerais la Fondation Force qui donnais des bourses aux étudiants A la ville de Montreal .je fais des estimations des coûts des travaux et des appels d'offres à coûts de millions..Je m'assure que les devis sont respectés et je fais le suivi des paiements aux contracteurs et le décompte final. Je suis titulaire d'un Bac Multidisciplinaire et un certificat en Adminstration des affaires de Université de Sherbrooke. Je suis aussi titulaire d"une Technique en Genie Civil Je termine un Bac en Genie civil a l' école de Technologie Superieure à Montreal Avec tout ce bagage je suis sur d'etre le meilleur pour occuper le poste de trésorier du NPDQ

Co-chairs, Organization Committee

Jean-François Beaudet

Je me nomme Jean-François Beaudet et j’habite à NDG, Montréal. Je fus un dirigeant étudiant en 68, 69 & 70 à l’école Iberville (MTL) et au Cegep de Rosemont lors de la grève générale de 72 en tant que coordonateur et négociateur étudiant. Je fus Président de l’association de Terrebonne quand la syndicaliste Lauraine Vaillancourt s’est présentée à l’élection fédérale de 88. Je fus membre du NPDQ en 88-89 mais après le départ au PQ des Rémi Trudel, François Beaulne et autres, le NPDQ a été réduit au niveau de groupuscule et j’ai quitté pour faire autre chose.

J’ai fait carrière en logistique au Québec, aux USA et en Haïti. C’est le meilleur endroit pour être au courant de ce qui se passe dans divers secteurs d’activité, car tout ce que l’on produit et consomme, on doit le transporter. Mon bureau de Québec fut le premier de notre compagnie au Canada à utiliser les services de déchiquetage de documents, afin de sauver des arbres; j’ai porté volontaire mon bureau de Boston comme cobaye pour l’obtention de la certification ISO 14 001 - environnement. Je reste à l’affut des bons coups faits pour préserver et améliorer l’environnement.

Mon expérience principale réside

Geneviève Ruel

My name is Geneviève Ruel and I am a member of the NPDQ. After a demanding but rewarding election campaign, I want to get involved in developing a strong foundation for a party with a lot of potential. I studied at Concordia in Film Studies, but I found that it was not the creative side of it that I liked, but rather the organization side. So I did an Attestation of Collegial Studies in Movie Set Management. After graduating, I decided to do a career in damage insurance. My studies and my job allowed me to discover an interest in the development of the procedures and management plans. I have been involved in the development of a youth program for St. John Ambulance. I was part of the management and instruction team for three years. In my job, I am currently involved into two committees. The first is the development of letters and procedures for the implementation of a new computer system and the second is designed to develop strategies to improve our customer service. As co-chair of the NPDQ organization Committee, I wish to establish clear procedures, statutes and strategies to improve the party in the next few years with a view to having a solid foundation for the forthcoming elections.

Co-chairs, Communications Committee

Caroline Côté

Co-présidente et membre du Réseau des femmes en environnement depuis 2015, je m’intéresse à la place des femmes dans les questions environnementales, tant des points de vue communications, opérationnels que philosophiques. Je suis également secrétaire du conseil d’administration d’organisme à but non lucratif « Eau secours » depuis 2017. Mes capacités de vulgarisatrice sont particulièrement appréciées par les membres des deux organismes. Je possède une formation scientifique solide et diversifiée, de même qu’un vaste réseau professionnel. En plus d’avoir complété une thèse de doctorat en conservation et gestion des ressources aquatiques ainsi qu’une maîtrise en génomique du bois, j'ai eu l’opportunité d’œuvrer en tant que professionnelle de recherche au sein d’un centre de universitaire internationalement reconnu dans le domaine de la limnologie (GRIL), biologiste de la faune aquatique pour le gouvernement provincial, spécialiste de comité multidisciplinaire sur la conservation de l’anguille d’Amérique (CESWoG), ainsi qu’en tant que superviseure de laboratoire en évaluation des rejets d'eaux usées. Si je suis élue co-présidente du comité de communications du NPDQ je m'engage à travailler avec toute l'équipe afin de développer un plan de communications national dynamique selon les priorités du parti, en français, anglais et dans les principales langues autochtones de la province.

Mathieu Papillon-Darveau

I have 10 years of experience in international development, as well as in organization management. I have also sat on several Board of trusties such as, Carrefour Tiers-Monde, Quebec Fair Trade Association, The Mondo Cultural Collective (Mondokarnal) etc, which gives me a good management knowledge of a Board of Directors . I have also been involved for the last 6 years as coordinator of the Quebec Fair Trade Consortium and I have also worked for various organizations as a communications manager and is now a social media moderator for ICUC Social. I am involved as a fair trade ambassador in Quebec City. I recently enrolled in the certificate in public communication to perfect and deepen my knowledge and communication skills.

Nigel Spencer

I am deeply concerned about the organizational and mobilization problems at all levels--federal and provincial--which are due in large part, I believe, to poor or non-existant communications inside and outside the party. Our organization can only be as simple, fluid, accountable and open to all as our communications. I am a translator, former journalist, union president, member of school committees, member of the Provincial Co-ordinating Committee for the Teaching of English, Department Head and Pedagogical Advisor in Africa, conference organizer, publicist, etc.

Co-Chairs, Policy Committee

Ian Lecourtois

Au cours de la dernière année, je me suis présenté comme candidat aux élections dans la circonscription de Vachon. Cette expérience a été pour moi très enrichissante et m’a permis d’en apprendre d’avantage sur la politique québécoise et m’a également permis de mettre en pratique mes connaissance concernant la politique. La raison pour laquelle j’ai décidé de m’investir dans ce parti et de me présenter comme co-président du comité des politiques, est qu’elle représente pour moi une solution viable pour le Québec. Les trois prochaines années seront, selon moi, décisives et demandera de notre part une rapidité dans les actions posées afin d’atteindre les objectifs établis par le parti. En tant que représentant de la jeunesse qui elle, dans les années futures, devra faire face aux choix de nos dirigeants, je considère plus qu’important de m’impliquer au sein de notre exécutif pour pouvoir éventuellement regarder vers le futur et ressentir la fierté d’avoir aidé à bâtir un parti unique. Cordialement, Ian Lecourtois

Jorge Quiroz

Je suis de Montréal, Québec, Canadá. J'habite à Anjou.

Jean Rémillard

Jean RÉMILLARD, 2242, SAURIOL street east, MONTRÉAL H2B 1G3. NPDQ member since september 2018 and ex-candidate in Ahuntsic. Diplomas: -Bacc. spé, UQAM, political sciences. -Master in French, european and international law, Paris-2 university. -Major in Philosophy, Montréal Grand Seminary and Lycée français de Londres. -Secretary of PQ-Bourassa (1995-2000); president of Bloc-Québécois Ahuntsic (2000-2005). -Montréal municipal election candidate in 1998 (RCM) and 2001 (independent) -Member of technical associations: "Transport 2000 Québec" (25 years), CoopMGV (3 years). Founder of APUQ in 2002 ( -Born in Hull (Québec) in 1946, I've been living in London, England (1962-1967) and in Ahuntsic (Montréal) since 1967, except for 2 years in Laval, 1 in Outremont, 2 in Longueuil and 6 in France.

Co-Chairs, Financing Committee

Sylvain Caron

Hello, It is with enthusiasm that I wish to introduce myself as co-chair of the funding committee. I know very well that this position is important for our young party and that the results of this committee and its commitment are among the priorities for the future of our young party and will have an impact on the next campaign in four years. I also know that the funding is linked to the development and recruitment of new members. I am from the Capitale-Nationale Chaudière-Appalaches, which is the eastern part of the province.That is easier for me to develop a strategy to recruit representatives from central Quebec and eastern Quebec to have 125 candidates for the next election. I hope that the women co-chair of this committee will be from the west of the province, Montreal, Laval, Estrie or Gatineau, so that we can cover the entire province. The Funding committee is crucial for our party, especially outside the election period, to put in place the people who will be able to bring our ideas and values to the next campaign and increase our membership. Thank you, best regards Sylvain Caron, NPDQ member