Steven R. Scott

Steven R. Scott, Dr (Religious Studies)

Candidate for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne


Who is Steven? What Motivates Him?


Steven is a part-time professor at Concordia University and the manager of a kiosk in Atwater Market. Steven also worked for many years in the restaurant business and he is involved with several environmental and political organisations within Montreal. He is and always will be a person of service.

Although Steven received his doctorate in religious studies, he has done extensive research on alternative economic systems and on the relation between diet and health. In regards to the latter, he created a twelve-week course for the general public entitled “The Science of Diet and Health” to help people understand this complex issue and lead better lives.

A Deputy Present in the Riding

Steven has lived in Côte-Saint-Paul for several years and truly loves the South-West. He will be a deputy who is present in the riding and will continue to fully partake in community events. He will listen attentively to everyone and what they have to say. He will truly be your representative.

Concerns and Motivation

Steven fully understands the major challenges we face in our daily lives and the environmental crises we face as a planet. He also realizes that solutions must be both functional and ecologically durable.

Steven and the NPDQ will attack the difficult issues that people face in our riding head on: affordable housing, access to healthcare and education, poverty, and the related issues of low incomes, wage stagnation, unemployment due to automation, and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Steven and NPDQ also recognize that we must act rapidly on the environmental crises we face as a planet: climate change, the huge loss of species and natural habitat, chemical pollution, and presence of plastic garbage everywhere, which includes a continent of plastic in the ocean.

It is concern over this wide variety of major crises that has caused Steven to enter politics. He knows, due to his research, that while these crises can seem to be overwhelming, there are good realistic and pragmatic solutions that work and have already been put in place around the world. All we need to do is put them in place.

Steven has concluded that as a society we must change the way we do things socially, economically, and politically, and that it is time to reimagine our socio-economic system and build a society that works for everyone. He, like most people, knows we must start doing things differently. Will you join Steven and the NPDQ and make Quebec and the world a better place for all of us and the other species we share this planet with?

The main propositions of the New Democratic Party of Quebec can be found in the document “NPDQ Orientations”:

The NPDQ platform will be appearing soon on the main website:

What Steven is fighting for:
  • A healthcare Insurance system that is 100% universal: one that covers 100% the body, including teeth, ears, and eyes, and 100% of all necessary medication and treatments to make us physically and mentally sound.
  • Funding and hiring of all the personnel required to provide decent and timely health care, especially for people in the last years of their lives: there is no reason to let sick and elderly wait for care whether it is for an appointment or have a diaper changed.
  • Major construction of affordable housing, cooperatives and the creation of urban land trusts through a provincial fund.
    • This fund through the government will borrow money on the international money markets at low rates and then lend out the money in long term loans at low interest rates for the construction of affordable housing.
    • The future renters of the affordable housing will then pay the fund back.
Local Economy
  • Provide help, investment, and financial aid for local economies, especially cooperative businesses.
  • Create a “Quebec Model” where the government and the organisations the government owns or finances buy their goods and services from local cooperative businesses.
    • This will keep money circulating within Quebec and boost the local economies
  • An education entirely public and free for all ages and for all levels of education.
  • Financing of public transport especially tramways and commuter trains
  • The halting of the boondoggle of REM (Réseau express métropolitain) and replacing it with a system that is truly environmental and serves people not investors.
  • Electrification of all ground transport and heating by 2030
  • The banning of single use plastic containers
We can do this! We have the means, if everyone pays their fair share!
We need to start doing things differently now!